I hold a bachelor's degree in Microbiology from the University of Guelph. It was a passion of mine, and I still find delight in all things bacterial. The study of microbiology is that of bacteria, viruses, and sometimes microfungi. It also emcompasses the fascinating domain of Archea, which can, for simplicity's sake, also be grouped in with the bacteria.

When people hear that I'm a microbiologist, without fail, they ask me one of two things: "So you're going to cure cancer, eh?" or "Can you clone me/her/him/this/yourself?" The answer to both questions is no. Cancer is the realm of the cell biologist and a lot of other people including geneticists and molecular biologists. They're a totally different world. (Although I've heard news of a virus that does actually seek out and destroy tumour tissue, so perhaps the two worlds may blend at some point.) Cloning's the same thing. Geneticists, molecular biologists and cell biologists are in charge of that area.

For those that are more scientifically minded, the explanation is simpler...microbiologists deal primarily with prokaryotes (although the protists and fungi are exceptions), where cancer and cloning (and most things, really) are squarely in the realm of the eukarya. So there you have it.

Now that I've bored you with that, I can also tell you that I studied toxicology for interest's sake (study of poisons and their effect on the body, basically -- but poisons is a broad term here, as we also studied effects of things like acetaminophen) and I took courses on disease state and many other neat things. I miss school.

I'm considering posting more general information about bacteriology and related topics, so that may be up here one day too.