• Name: Meagan
  • Age: 25
  • Birthday: October 10th
  • Nationality: Canadian!
  • Education: B.Sc Microbiology
  • Favourite Colour: Periwinkle
  • Languages (other than English): French, Spanish
  • Lesser-known talents: Sewing, manual computer virus removal
  • Biggest Online Addiction/timewaster: Labyrinth fanfics
  • First Solo Performance: Part of that World, a capella
  • Most Hated Course: Cell Biology (not taught well at all)

About Me

The little box up above is a pretty good cross-section of me, really, but I suppose that for the sake of being a little more complete I should write something more.

The two most obvious facets of my life are the scientific and the musical. I am a mild-manenred microbiologist by day and a singer-songwriter by night. Because these are the biggest things in my life, they have their own sections in the site and I will say no more about them here.

At the moment, though this is given to change, I am 25 years old. Since that seems a little too old for my tastes, I tend to avoid acting my age. This is evidenced by the side of me that creates and wears costumes of all kinds, regardless of where I am. I wore large butterfly wings to my workplace some years ago and apparently it still gets talked about. One year halloween fell on a Sunday, so I got to wear three different costumes as there were different events going on for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I'm slowly but surely taking pictures of my costumes and adding them to the gallery.

I love thunderstorms and heavy rainstorms. In highschool and university I was known to head out into them for the sake of splashing through puddles and getting drenched by the downpour. I have not done such a thing since I graduated, unfortunately, and I fully intend to take up this practice again shortly (when I move out and would not be giving my mother a heart-attack due to said actions).

I collect beauty. I surround myself with glimmering and sparkling things, as well as rich or sheer and diaphanous fabrics. I have a shelf full of crystals, ornate bottles filled with jewel-coloured water, little treasure boxes and carved or crystal bowls that brim with various eye-catching things. I'm a bit like a crow, I suppose.

In university I discovered that unlike with most forms of dance, I was actually good at bellydance. It felt right to me immediately, and I pursued it until I graduated. Not only does the dance itself feel right, but the costumes are generally beautiful -- velvets mixed with glimmering sheers and jewels and bright coins. Pretty much perfect for me.

With regards to books or movies, fantasy and faerie are essentially what I'm drawn to. I discovered Tolkien when I came upon The Hobbit at the age of 11. I moved on to Lord of the Rings shortly thereafter, and I tend to re-read them once a year. There is always something new that stands out at me each time. I am also a fan of Mercedes Lackey, Andre Norton, Terry Brooks, L.E. Modesitt Jr, and, of course, J.K. Rowling (and, very recently, Steven Brust). I've started collecting the books illustrated by Brian Froud, who was the conceptual artist for The Labyrinth, which just may be my favourite movie.

I was adopted at birth, but I know my biological parents very well. My biological father was born in New Zealand, which makes me half-kiwi. It never fails to amuse me to say that. Unfortunately, I was unable to use that to my benefit and get a role as an extra in the Lord of the Rings movies.

A couple of other asides are that I am incredibly fond of wood-working, despite the fact that it has been far too long since I was able to do any of it. I used to stay after school for shop-club, and I really enjoyed using the power tools, especially the lathe. One day it would be wonderful to have a garage full of woodworking equipment.
Another thing I used to stay after school for (and, in a couple of cases, the weekend and March break!) was computer system administration. I loved working with computers back when they were first slowly worming their way into schools, and I was given the opportunity to become far more familiar with them than most students. In high school I was part of a small group of students that were actually given the task of taking care of the network, and setting up new computer labs. I discovered that I have a deep affinity for troubleshooting, and, if not patience, then a stubborn nature that prevents me from ever giving up on a problem until I've bested it.

I'm a fan of Monty Python -- not just the movies that everyone knows about (whenever I mention that I like Monty Python, the first thing out of someone's mouth is either a quote or reference from The Holy Grail) but the sketches, which I feel are, overall, rather more amusing due to their utter randomness. I particularly like the fish-slapping dance, the vicious gangs of keep-left signs, and the ministry of silly walks. :)

I think I've written a sufficiently long essay at this point, so if you have any further questions, please do drop me an email.