Will You Remember Me (A Day After I'm Gone)?

Will you remember me a day after I'm gone?
Will you remember all the feelings deep inside?
Will you have memories of all the love we've shared?
Of all the times that you had held me when I cried?

Will you recall the days we sat in silence
Staring at the rain-
Happy just to know that we were there?
And after all is said and done,
And the world's asleep again
When you remember me, will you still care?

Will you remember me a year after I'm gone?
When all the seasons come and go, will you have changed?
Will there be something missing when I'm far away?
You'll look the same, but deep inside will you have aged?

Will you still walk along the boardwalk slowly,
Waiting for the dawn-
Hoping that the sun will rise again?
And when you look for me beside you
And discover that I'm gone,
Will life have changed for you, or will it be the same?

Will you remember me when time itself is through?
When life itself begins again, will I be there?
If we were given the chance, could we start anew?
Could we discover a new life for us to share?

But when the dawn is breaking over-
Over the crest of a new world,
Will its warming rays touch upon you and I?
And will our love begin to grow and blossom,
its tender vines unfurl...
Or will we have to leave it here and say goodbye?